So I have been somewhat out of touch lately.  Life has done what life does and gotten in the way and I’ve been dealing with that.  Might be I will have some good news soon.  But anyhoo, after last night’s fun, with Matty returning to form (yes I know Hanley went boom too but we all expect that from him), I got requests to make a new victory GIF involving the Bison.  So here it is. Lil Dancing Matty.


And I really truly do fucking love winning!!  Its great to have you back Matty.  I’ve missed you.



As a warning, the last time I shopped a FA into a Dodger uni, it was Masahiro Tanaka, and we all know how well that ended up. So maybe this time it will work in our favor and Arroyo won’t be a Dodger.  I kid, I kid. Because honestly, I would not be outraged if they did sign him, provided the money and years are fairly low.  From what I hear through the grapevine, Morosi’s report that the Dodgers are talking to Arroyo is true.  Just not as far along as people fear.  He wants 3 yrs and tens of millions of dollars and the Dodgers don’t want to go more than 1 which is the right way to do this. We have the leverage and they should not budge on this. 1 yr with an option of some sort, max! Bronson brings durability (8 yrs of 200 innings….okay 7 and 1 year with 199) but also oldness (he turns 37 this month) and mehness depending on what projection you want to believe.

Sure, Arroyo would be nice.  But lets not pretend like he would be such a huge upgrade over available options.  Their interest in him also makes me a tad worried about Beckett and his recovery from surgery last year.  Maybe things aren’t going as smoothly as we all would like? I hope its just me over thinking things and Ned and Co. just want as much depth as possible to start the season (last year didn’t really fill me with confidence in the notion of having too much pitching). Of course it could also mean that management thinks Beckett is an over cooked turkey long since past his prime. Also not good.

We do have some interesting young options if you feel so inclined to chance it with the youth.  Zack Lee is out there wondering when it will be his time to shine.  You’ve got a reliever pretending to be a starter in Chris Reed. And then there is Ross Stripling who I hear the FO is really high on.  Of course there is Matt Magill who wants you to walk whenever you can (to save the environment of course!) and Stephen Fife who……….does Stephen Fife things.  And then there is Chaz Billingsley who is coming off of Tommy John and should be back mid summer.  Unless he is really needed in the rotation, Im betting he comes back in relief and I hope that Billz sticks in the rotation for 2015 because I still believe in him.

At the end of the day, who knows how this will all shake out.  Arroyo could be great. Arroyo could be awful. Either or.  I have no strong feelings one way or the other if the contract is reasonable.  Beckett is terrible and the youth untested so…….Hooray Arroyo? If nothing else, he gave me something to photoshop. Enjoy.


Bronson was kind enough to pose for this baseball card while wearing the all new Dodger alternate road jersey.


Apparently Dee Gordon has bulked up some in this offseason.  According to Dylan Hernandez:


I guess this is good news.  Given that he is likely to make the roster as a utility player, it’d be nice if when he hit the ball in the air, it went beyond the infield.  So far, Dee hasn’t looked like a total disaster at second base.  Over a stretch of 20 games last season with the Topes, Dee had one errah fielding at second base in 99 chances which is infinitely better than what I would expect  (99 errors in 99 chances based on a complex algorithm extrapolating from his fielding as a short stop. Its very sciencey and legit).  Also he did not make an error fielding at second during his stint with the Mayaguez Indios over the winter in Puerto Rico. And no, I am not saying this is definitive proof that Dee is a gold glove second baseman.  Just saying that it is not a total loss and there is some room for hope that he could be valuable this season.

Personally, I have always liked Dee.  When he is on base, it is a joy to watch him run.  Too bad its the first part of that sentence that is the problem.  I also like that Dee is finally open to changing positions to increase his value suggesting that he has seen the writing on the wall regarding his shrinking chance to make it at the big league level.  I hope this also signals an openness on his part to improve his batting (I have heard that in the past he was viewed as uncoachable FWIW).  

Also, depending on if you think Alex (its Alex now folks! Not Alexander or even Alejandro.) Guerrero is ready or not, there is a good possibility Dee Gordon could be your starting second baseman on Opening Day, so best start rooting for him to succeed because the alternative could be Chone Figgins. :/  

BuffDee BSOHLDee Gordon takes off his shirt to show off at Fan Fest. Best Shape of His Life

Spring training is just around the corner. It feels like it was yesterday that an extremely fun season ended and we were all slowly accepting the end of a decent, if disappointing, post-season run.  At the time, I was ready for a break. I always am when the season comes to a close. But a rather dry (if correctly run) offseason has me desperate for some baseball.  Pitchers and catchers are all set to report to Camelback in a little under two weeks. That is ridiculously close.

So to commemorate the fast approaching 2014 Spring Training season, I decided to dust off an old sketch of the popular Kershaw and Ellis design I have been sitting on for a year.  When I originally drew Kershaw and Ellis, I came up with two concepts. The one that got produced was of Clayton and AJ running around like Calvin and Hobbes.  The other was the two of them blazing down a hill in a golf cart like they use at ST.  Golfcart

I never got around to fleshing that out into illustrator and figured it would make the perfect spring training design.  So here it is, in full color glory.

STKE copyI am making these designs available as shirts at my store with and without the bottom tag line.  They are available here


Get em while you can. I dont see any reason for the MLB to bother me about these designs but you never know. If you want them in a different size (ie tall) or other shirt style, lemme know on twitter @EephusBlue.

I will hopefully be able to make it over to Arizona to hang around for ST this year. It all depends on finances etc blah blah blah.  I’d love it if AJ or Clayton got to see this design.

Maaaaaybe. Depending on who you ask.  Its looking like its the Dodgers or retirement for Michael Young. Now it is well known from the twitters how I feel about MYoung, but really, given the alternatives (dust filled corpse of Chone Figgins reporting for duty!), it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he signed for a cheap 1 yr deal. I guess. Right? And IF he does sign, I will root for him as I would every other Dodger. (if I can bring myself to cheer for Shane Victorino, I can bring myself to cheer for any Dodger).  But, just in case Ned Colletti reads my humble little blog, here is the campaign I started on twitter to stop you from hoping that Young signs with us.  



MYNotEvenOnce3And in attempt to bring you hard hitting defensive analysis, I have broken down one of the images above even further to hammer home the point that Michael Young SUUUUUCKS.

AnalysisSo. Please Ned. Don’t try it. Just say no to Michael Young. 

Ah, who am I kidding?  Myoung will sign with us.  At least he will provide ample fodder for humor on here and on twitter.  Who knows. Maybe he will be amazing and be an integral part of our 2014 World Series victory. Yeah. for sure!






Nothing new to report or comment on other than to post this cartoon I drew today.  Yeah I’m not bitter about Tanaka. Nooope. Not at all.FatManYankee

Sigh. Oh well. Tanaka has signed with the Yankees for the extremely affordable price of 7yrs 155 million , not counting the 20 million posting fee. That brings the grand total to 175 million yen. Oh wait, no. DOLLARS?!?  Woof!  Thank you, but no thanks. That is too rich for my blood and certainly appeared to be too rich for the money printing machine that Mark Walter uses as a paper weight in his gold office.  What I heard around the campfire during this whole mess was that the Dodgers weren’t too jazzed about meeting Casey Close’s price tag. It was said that $120+ million was a must and we were not going anywhere near that and it looks like that turned out to be the case. Yankees are gonna Yankee.

Too bad really. I had my heart set on the greatest of starting rotations. Tanaka as a 4th starter. OH MY GOD. I drool at the thought. But alas, that is not to be.  And it’s not the end of the world.  I think we are going to be alright with a rotation fronted by Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu and Haren. Not too shabby.  Now the question remains, who gets that 5th starter spot. Personally I am rooting for ZLee, but am expecting Josh Beckett, and am fearing Bronson Arroyo. So we now switch from #TanakaWatch to #ArroyoDread. Brace yourselves. Outrage is coming.

It’s too bad though. That was a sweet photoshop of Tanaka in a Dodgers jersey. Oh well. So long Masahiro. Enjoy the comforting and loving environment that is New York. Their supportive and understanding fan base will be there to nurture you through your first steps on to the big stage.  Good luck!

TanakaBURNSigh. So much for this.



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