Many of you out there share my disdain for bunting when its uncalled for. Yes, yes, there is a time and a place for bunting, like when a PITCHER is batting with a man on first, but for the most part bunting is just giving away outs. So here are those anti-bunting shirts that folk want mass produced. I’ve mocked up several versions to send our message forth calling for an end to or mocking bunting. Lemme know in the comments (I think I have comments on here) which you prefer the most or which you would be interested in wearing.


Option A: The original….with minor tweaks.  Unfortunately, I doubt the Dodgers would look kindly upon me selling anything with the LA logo, so I came up with a replacement image to go with the message.



Option B: Big fan of this one. Planning on printing this because it makes me laugh. Major League Bunting all the way!



Option C: Not completely sold on this idea, but if people are interested, I could print this as well.

Option D: Hmmm this also made me laugh but also made me feel bad. The GF thought it was mean, hence the guilt. What say you? Too mean?