So a while back in the MSTI comments section, we came up with the hash tag #BOCHYFACE as a means to describe the reactions of Bruce Bochy to the giants melting down before his eyes against the Dodgers. It was a thing of beauty to behold and highlarious to watch his look of a mixture of disappointment and embarrassment with underlying tones of “why am I not surprised”.  The term #BOCHYFACE can be expanded to cover any time a player goofs up horribly leading to a manager facepalm.  In honor of that I considered making a  print to immortalize that look, as seen below rendered in horrific Halloween colors of orange and black to further drive home the unpleasantness he was feeling.

All of this got me thinking, what is the opposite of #BOCHYFACE?  Well its gotta be #DONNIEFACE.  I am coining the phrase #DONNIEFACE to refer to when your team inexplicably wins games with the scrubbiest of scrub role players without your star.

I like to think that what is racing thru Donnie’s mind in this image is “I don’t know how or why but we’re winning and thats aces with me!” or “You mad bro?”

Make it trend people! Get the word out!