So there’s this guy in AAA that I think we should all take a look at.  I hear he is getting called up tomorrow and wears number 27.  AWWW YEAAAH BABY! The Return of the King! Matt Kemp comes back! And in honor of that I came up with this design.  I’d like to make it into a shirt (or shirts) but unsure how I am gonna do it.  Might be I do all three in one shirt or break them up into a series of shirts.  What do you think?  If I try to cram them all in, they may not be readily visible.  Maybe a poster would be cool.

Click to enlarge

And before people say “Why is Gordon on the BING?” I chose him because BING sounds like a little slappy kinda hit so I figured it fit. I thought of putting AJ in there since these three are the most productive hitters in the line up but would that be insulting to have him as BING?  Lemme know your thoughts via twitter or in the comments.