Before the thrilling heroics of AJ Ellis on saturday, there was the timely 2rbi single by Tony Gwynn Jr.  I’ve always been a fan of TGJr, mostly because of his insane defense.  He was always the “gee, if only you hit like your dad…..” kinda player.  But lately I have been very pleased that he has been coming up with some clutch hits, especially coming off the bench.  With Matty’s impending return, Gwynn likely rides the pine more and comes in as a defensive replacement/PH which is fine because he seems to be thriving in that role.  Its good to know that when he does start he can be an asset.

In honor of his timely hit, I was inspired to make the following design coupled with the hashtag #GWYNNING which was coined by Oscar Garcia, aka @OG_ThinkBlue on the twitters.  That tag is freakin genius and everyone should get it trending whenever TGJr comes through.


However, a lot of folk thought this looked like a left handed Matt Kemp, which I sorta guess it does if Matt Kemp were a two-tone drawing.  So someone suggested I make one of TGJr fielding, which is really where he shines.  Thus the image that follows.


I am on the fence if I should make these into screens for printing shirts.  Any interest in them?  I might just make them so that I can give one to TGJr when they come to play the A’s.  It would floor me if he would wear them or if I could get the team to wear them.  How bad ass would that be?  Still my goal is still to get AJ Ellis to wear an OBP shirt.


STORE UPDATE: Regarding the store, I am just about ready to go live with the online store.  Right now I have mostly dude shirts ready for printing.  I will have ladies sizes soon (ideally within the week) and thats whats holding me up.  First to be made available will be the Stop Bunting shirt and the AJ Ellis OBP shirt with AJ swinging.  I will be announcing its opening soon (like in the next couple of days).  Hopefully this will all work out.