Its been a while since I have posted and I need to start ramping up. Hopefully, entertaining things will start happening that I can make fun of or make funny pictures out of, as material for this site.  On a side note, I have several new designs that I will be showcasing here at some point in the near future.  Gonna have to come up with some sort of voting system so that I can assess what designs people would actually want to see made into tshirts.  But that is for another day.

For today, I am starting off what I hope will be a regularly occurring thing here.  #BOCHYFACE/#DONNIEFACE.  In a previous post I detailed the two sides of the coin that are covered by #BOCHYFACE (when your team screws up horribly and forces the manager to make the Bruce Bochy face) and #DONNIEFACE (when despite a team that many say shouldn’t be getting it done IS getting it done….see 2012 Dodgers).  Today’s installment focuses on the giants (of course) getting a severe #BOCHYFACE turning a one out rally into an inning ending sad face.  Aubrey Huff broke up the no-hitter with a 1 out double in the bottom half of the 6th of the giants/Rangers game.  That, brought up Gregor Blanco who hit a grounder to pitcher Robbie Ross. Ross threw to Adrian Beltre, who got Huff caught in a run down.  When Huff was tagged out, Beltre fired a bullet to firstbaseman Mitch Moreland who tagged Blanco at first base (who really should never have strayed so far  from first). #BOCHYFACE FOR EVERYONE!!!  I made a GIF capture of the fun below.

Enjoy your #BOCHYFACE giants, you’ve earned it!