So in addition to STOP BUNTING, I’ve been very cognizant of the need for robot umpires in major league baseball.  Whether its Joe West having another senior moment or Angel Hernandez being a dick or Tim Welke demonstrating his lack of depth perception, it is becoming clear that human umpires just plain suck.  Yeah yeah, they get a lot of the calls right, blah blah blah. And they get a shit ton of them wrong too.  Many of us want some form of automated umpiring, maybe at least for balls and strikes.  With this in mind, I wanted to design a shirt that stated our demand to replace the imperfect, craptastic human umpires with robots, ROBOT UMPS NOW!  I spent a good long while noodling how best to express this and actually came up with a bunch of designs.  They are what follows. Special thank you to Mike Petriello (@mike_petriello ), Justin Drummond (@tenaciousjdd ), and Amy (@SCruzDodgers ) for their early screening of the designs and being awesome enough to take the time to give me their opinions.

1. This design immortalizes the worst call of the season by far.  Todd Helton is a million feet away from first base and yet Jerry Hairston Jr. is called out by umpire Tim Welke.  The poster child of bad calls and the best illustration of the need for Robot Umps!

2. Design 2 is your basic strike zone and your basic bad calls.

3. Design 3 is just a silhouette  of a certain robot with a shiny metal ass.  I love this but I doubt I could use this image. Still cool tho.

4. This replaces the silhouette  with a robot of my own design.

5 and 6.  These variants have a “Robo-police officer” in em which is pretty fitting. (hat tip to CJ, @CJW2323, on twitter for the suggestion).

So there you have it. What do you think? Which do you prefer? What looks good?  I want to hear from you as I really want to make this into a shirt.  Also keep in mind that I used the blue/white color scheme due to that’s just how I did it.  This doesn’t mean that the actual shirts will be only blue.  Willing to take your suggestions as to what color shirts you think they should be.  Maybe just black and white in honor of the uniforms of the imperfect “gentleman” that I am trying to replace.  Hit me up on twitter or in the comments section with your thoughts.


Some people requested an image of the ump making the out call for version 1.  As always let me know your thoughts. Here it is: