So it’s been a while since I posted anything. Partly because this team had frustrated me so much to the point of insanity. Partly because I was on vacation to the homeland. And of course, during said vacation when I had limited access to the internets, the Dodgers would pull of the biggest trade in the history of history……..EVER.  AGonz is finally a Dodger and we now have a pay roll of a billionty dollars. Wow. Nutty. We now live in a crazy time Dodger fans.  I am shocked at this…..what is it called?……spending? Not used to it but loving it.  I am planning on a longer post with my thoughts on the matter (just like a real life Dodger blogger) but that’s later. For now as I bask in the semi sweet joy of today’s win (which was……..messy to put it lightly), I present Mark Walter, head of the Guggenheim Group, as he is now perceived by Dodger fans everywhere.


One can hope the well is nowhere near running dry. And I suppose with a HUGE tv deal on the horizon, its likely that it won’t.  Here’s hoping.