I’ve been on a Simpsons avatar making binge for the folk at MSTI more as therapy for myself, dealing with the shittacular performance by this underachieving team.  The creative outlet helps me forget how bad they look.  I’ll post a bunch of the ones I have made some time later.  But in the process of watching the team flounder and making these avatars, I got to wondering what character does Ned Colletti right now remind me of?  Of course, first thing many would say is Flanders. But at his core Flanders ranges from upbeat to oblivious, which I cannot imagine Ned as right now, as he watches this teams play-off chances circle the drain.  Think about it. He has made some huge trades for (on paper) crazy talent that was impressive to watch unfold, yet said talent continues to underperform.  The trade brought the national spotlight on to the team, so everyone is watching them play poorly.  With this in mind, I just see Ned in his office pulling a Gil from the Simpsons.  Gil who is so eager to please and wants badly to succeed but just can’t catch a break. THAT to me is Ned right now.