Annnnnnd we’re back. Getting ready for another baseball season and things are really looking great so far in 2013.  I took the offseason off because let’s face it, the way things ended last year, a break was in order. But there is plenty to be excited about. New ownership has lived up to it’s promise of investing  in the organization as a whole from scouting and player development to stadium upgrades. Oh and the small matter of getting the best pitcher on the free agent market to play second banana to our ace.  Lots of good stuff.

I hope to be posting more here in addition to continued chatter on twitter.  I have a few things planned for this upcoming season: new tshirt designs as well as other goodies like some bumper stickers which I am pretty proud of.   I have redesigned the layout of my blog including a new and improved logo.  Lemme know what you think.  More to come soon, but for now it’s spring training time and I am off to Arizona to gawk at players and embarrass myself as a grown man asking for autographs.  I will also hopefully get a ton of pics and video from my time there and ideally get an OBP shirt into the hands of the great AJ Ellis.  Also on my to do list is get an autograph from Juan Uribe. It is such an absurd thought that it makes me laugh to think of it. I will cherish it always. And of course, I want to see Puig up close and bask in the brightness of the future.

To kick things off I am posting a video from spring training of 2011 that I’ve been sitting on a while.   I filmed this during BP one day while Davey Lopes was going over the finer points of base running with the players.  Matty gets a bit of a scare when a line drive smacks into the netting to the enjoyment of all watching.  Forgive the weird dancing black bars that flank the video as I am trying out youtube’s shake correction.  And no, that’s not me laughing.