It rained today. A lot. A lot a lot.  I tried to go to both games today and got pelted with hail in one and rained on in the other.  Too bad really, cuz I had some really sweet seats directly behind the Dodgers dugout and got some sweet shots before the monsoon began.  Some quick notes about the experience. Giants stadium in Scottsdale is a dump. Sorry but it is poorly constructed. Not enough parking. Very very cramped and not enough areas to view the game while walking around. Kinda like AT&T park. And sweet baby Jesus is it expensive. Lawn seating was $25! Insane.  Anyhoo on the baseball side, nice to see Andre get a base hit off of a lefty continuing a positive trend all Spring. Yeah SSS but its better than the reverse trend.  Zito gave up an RBI single to Juan Uribe which pretty much means he should retire or fall on a sword. Either or.

From Camelback, holy crap  is Billy Hamilton fast. And holy crap is Dee Gordon fast. That was great to see two speedsters racing on the bases, although Dee was robbed by what should have been a lead off triple after some jackass reached down and tried to grab the ball. It was fun to see Dee jawwing with Hamilton when Hamilton was on third. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying but they were both laughing.  I’d love to see a foot race between the two.  But I have to say, Dee Gordon has reignited some hope in me for his success this spring.  He has been looking very good over the last few games. I really hope this is real. Got some nice shots of him stealing second from Thursday’s game, coming soon.  Lots more pics coming soon once I have the chance to sort through them.  For now check out our pair of aces and smile Dodger fans. Smile big! Because that is just awesome!

Kershaw and Greinke