So this Thursday marked the first off day of the season, which is super critical given that the season just started……wait….what? Yeah, this is just great. We have two off days in the first week of games. Nice to have breaks when your guys are all fresh right? Anyhoo, I got the photoshop itch something fierce and went to town. Maybe I will do this as a regular thing throughout the season, collecting funny photoshops that I normally just post to twitter here.

Jabba Sandoval Pauses Between Inning for a Snack –  That guy just continues to pack on the weight. You can say he has a good glove til you are blue in the face. But that dont change the fact that Pablo is in danger of accumulating small celestial bodies around him in orbit. Really happy with how this turned out, right down to the arm pit stains.

Jeff Kent: Defender Remember the good ole days of Jeff Kent? Mr. Surly Veteran Presence?  The offensive production was nice, but damn that guy was like an iron spike just planted into the infield dirt. Here is a picture of the original RBI Machine in action fielding a ball.

Sandoval Rally Chop –  Pablo, upon being booted from the WBC with team Venezuela took notice of Fernando Rodney’s rally plantain and how it’s magic carried team DR to victory. Not to be outdone, Pablo has taken his own totem of magic power to help him in his quest to be the fattest man in baseball (Prince you are officially on notice). Enter the rally pork chop. mmmm Juicy victory!

Tiny Jerry and His Mighty Steed – From one of Jon Soohoo’s photos from Opening Day, there is a shot he took of the dugout when Kershaw homered. I looked at that and the first thing I saw was a miniature Jerry Hairston riding Juan Uribe. Take a look at it and see if you can see it. Many who I showed it to couldn’t recognize it. So to help out, check out the following pic.

Pablo’s Special Removal Team – After each game, the grounds crew has to call in specialists to help remove Pablo from the premises.  I believe the plan involves rolling.

And last but not least:

The Carls

Carl WD

Carl Regrets turning down this street

Carl Bobby V

 Carl wisely chooses to run before Bobby noticed him

Carl Dance1

  Emmitt did it, why not Carl?


Carl arrives at the park in style


Carl’s day at the beach takes a turn for the worst