Luis Cruz is becoming infuriating to watch.  Whenever he comes up in the lineup, we pretty much know how its going to end: feeble pop up, automatic out. Many may think I hate Cruz, and that’s just not true. I really do like him. He seems like a nice guy, happy to be given the opportunity he has. But daaaaamn his inability to hit is hurting the team. I want him to succeed because he is really really slick with the glove and we NEED some good defense on the left side when Hanley comes back.

Chad Moriyama has a great article discussing what could be wrong with poor Luis. Maybe he can be fixed? I hope he turns it around. Its getting to the point where I would rather have Juan Uribe start. That’s right. It makes me slightly ill to write those words. But Juan looks like a different player this season. Hope it lasts.

In honor of Luis’ new found penchant for popping up in the most feeble way possible, I was inspired to make the following animation.  Its a bit random but it makes me laugh.