I just don’t know what to expect from this team anymore. The way management has managed (or failed to manage) this recent rash of injuries defies logic. Every possible explanation I can come up with just doesn’t make sense when you stop and think about it.  Mellis is hurt? Keep him on the roster as long as possible. AGonz has a sore neck that bothers him when he runs? Play through the pain, don’t call up SVS. Jerry Hairston Jr has a strained groin? Wait until the absolute last minute to test if he is a go tonight and don’t have anyone on a plane or in reserve just in case so you can play yet another game short a man. Just who is making the decisions? So Stan Kasten is a really smart guy. In fact, the smartest guy that Greinke knows! So where is Stan in all this? This sure feels like Ned. I can’t help but think of the following image with how everything is being handled.

Donnie Ned Titanic

I feel like there is a giant iceberg right ahead, and no one cares or knows enough to react to it.  I really hope this changes before it’s too late.