So times are bleak and it doesn’t look like it is going to get better any time soon (Thanks Ned, Don). So, rather than focus on the depressing lack of moves by management, I want to focus on something positive. AJ Ellis.  I absolutely love that guy.  He is hands down my favorite Dodger right now and a bright spot on a Dodgers team that is lacking in bright spots (in addition to Clayton Kershaw of course!).  Eno Sarris over at Fangraphs has an outstanding interview with AJ while he was in San Francisco that is definitely worth your time to read. Mike Petriello also has some nice things to say about our favorite Dodger catcher over at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness.

As brought up at MSTI, from the Sarris article:

When the season’s over, he’ll head to Milwaukee for the winter. “My wife is from Milwaukee, so it’s happy wife, happy life,” he told me, which means he’ll train in the snow for another season. “I’m like Rocky in `Rocky IV,’” Ellis said, “going to fight the Russian, in the Siberian snow, chopping down trees, getting to the top of the mountain and yelling ‘Zitooo!’”

Oh sweet, sweet Rocky reference. That is just all kinds of awesome.  Mike requested a photoshop job of AJ as Rocky and I got carried away and went full montage sequence.  I imagine this is exactly how AJ trains in the offseason in the harsh Milwaukee frost.

Click image to enlarge for  up close awesomeness.