Ah Carl. The gift that keeps on giving.  I cannot get enough of Carl Crawford on the base paths.  I don’t know why but he is so amenable to photoshop and being put into strange images. So here we go. Enjoy!

Carl Zombie run

Once again Carl made the mistake of taking a turn down the wrong street. Feet don’t fail me now!

Carl Avengers

Waking up late is such a bad habit. Carl barely makes it to the dramatic slow walk

Carl and Sherlock

That was the absolute last time Carl helps Sherlock on one of his crazy cases.

jurassic run

Carl’s tropical vacation takes a turn for the worst

Carl TRex run

Last one out is lunch.

League Ellis Carl

Where’s Carldo?

Carl Running of the Bulls

Carl fulfills his life long dream of running with the bulls.

If you have any other suggestions of where you’d like to see Carl running, hit me up on twitter. @Eephusblue


Carl Indiana JonesThe Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland proves a little too realistic for Carl

Forrest and Carl

Forrest and Carl refuse to back down to oncoming traffic