Brace yourselves. Juan Uribe is coming and odds are he is going to find his way on base. So far this season, Juanito is rocking a .420 OBP. 420!!!!!!! Consider my mind blown.  I love it.  Lately he has been surprisingly not awful. His swing is still hilarious but he looks so much better when he isn’t swinging at every crap pitch thrown his way. Granted,  large part of Juan being appealing has to do with how awful Cruz looks by comparison. Still, I am enjoying the absurdity of a super patient Juan Uribe that walks a bunch.  I’m really not sure if this is for real or how long it will last but for now credit where credit is due.  Add to this, reports that Juan is a good guy that really wants to help the team and I am all for rooting for his redemption.

Juan Iron Throne2 GAME OF obp