If there is one thing in baseball that everyone can get behind, it’s awesome facial hair. By this I do not mean the stupid beards sported by some oafs up north. I want to see rad old timey mustaches. Luckily for Dodger fans, we have two fine specimens to marvel at. The question is, which is better? SVS? Or Peter Moylan? Justin Drummond over on the twitters suggested to the Dodgers twitter account that it would be impossible to properly evaluate such facial hair out of the context of an old timey setting.  So with this in mind, I present to you Scott “Scooter Two Fists” Van Slyke and Peter “Boilin” Moylan (special thanks to El Serracho for the old timey names).

SVS old timey baseballMoylan Old timey baseball

So, now that you have them in the proper context, who has the better facial hair? VOTE! and be heard!