How about that 6 game win streak huh?  Good stuff. It felt as though we might go an entire season without winning more than 2 games in a row.  Hooray for wining streaks! So much more fun than losing streaks.  What a difference  a week makes.  I hope this is the turn around we have been waiting for.  Things certainly look brighter than they did a week ago.  Matty is back and looking much better than before his DL stint. Hanley continues to destroy baseballs.  Oh and Yasiel continues to do Yasiel things (that game winning hit the night before was bonkers. “Oh that’s way out of the zone? Let me go hit it and win the game! No biggie”).  Hell even Ethier is starting to hit.  Oh and the little matter of SWEEPING THE DEFENDING WOLD SCRUBS WHO THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE! Ahhhh it was was a good week.

Things may be getting even better soon.  We are nearly at full strength with Carl on the way back, slated to make a rehab start this weekend.  Think of that line up. Oh baby! No more Skip at the top. No more Mellis at the top. Crawford, Puig, AGonz, Hanley, Kemp, AJ, Uribe, Mellis, Guy who throws the ball ever 5 days.  Yes Ethier is enjoying a nice break watching the game from the bench.  THAT is a pretty sweet line up.  I am anxious to see what they can do with the line up at full power.  Not to mention the bench is a helluva lot stronger with Ethier as power lefty and SVS as power righty. 6 games back of the division (even though its last place) feels much more manageable than 9. The Dodgers are by no means out of it.

In addition to the fun of gaining a few games in the standings and actually being fun to watch baseball again, I debuted a new t-shirt design: PUIG: Cuban Space Program.  Really pleased with how this design came out.


I recently made this bad boy available for purchase from  The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to everyone for checking it out and buying them.  Clicking on the above image will take you to the redbubble page where you can purchase this design.

I am now in the process of transitioning my t-shirt designs from in house production to redbubble.  The nice part about redbubble is they can provide a larger selection of shirt styles and colors than I can by printing them myself.  I am reintroducing my STOP BUNTING designs for purchase there as well as an MLBunting design that I had worked out but couldn’t produce on my own.  If people want it, I can also provide my AJ Ellis OBP Walkman design. Let me know what you think.  There will be more of my artwork available soon.


NOTE: All the designs are available in women’s Ts, baseball Ts, and hoodies as well.


stopbunting small

STOP BUNTING (black letters)

stopbunting black small


MLBunting small