Just when things were going so well. We were cutting dead weight left and right. So long Guerrier. Its been a huge waste of everyone’s time but have a nice life. Smell you later Luis. You were a nice guy and I wanted you to succeed but constant pop ups suck. Hello flame throwing young arms, Dominguez and Withrow!  I allowed myself to believe that we were finally making good roster decisions and trying to win games. But now BAM!

Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago.com says that my Dodgers, your Dodgers, OUR Dodgers are close to trading for Carlos Marmol, a guy  so good, that the Cubs DFA’d him and his $5million remaining on his contract a week ago. Wonderful.  Now until we know what is going where etc, we can’t really rage at this trade. Who knows? Maybe Marmol rediscovers how to throw strikes and becomes dominant. Maybe it only costs us cash and a bag of baseballs. Or maybe this is part of a Garza deal?……..Yeah sure.  Carlos does have some no trade power so maybe he opts to veto the trade. LA sucks man, u dont want to come here. Its all pressure and spotlight. Save us Carlos, you’re our only hope.

Brace yourselves!

Carlos Marmol Dog Shocked