So it’s the all star break and I am extremely bored. No Dodgers baseball for a few days. Logically, I am all for it. Our guys started to get dinged up again so a few days off is most welcome. But the heart says THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!  Like any sane person, I plan my day around the game and look forward to it. NOW what am I gonna do? And no, watching a meaningless silly exhibition game is not the answer.  (I was already told that i don’t like fun because of my stance on the ASG. Maybe you think its fun, but I find it difficult to really get excited about it)

Anyhoo, to remedy my boredom, I’ve been distracting myself making more designs.  In case you missed it a while back, I made a Clayton Kershaw and AJ Ellis as Calvin and Hobbes design.

And no, contrary to popular belief, Kershaw does not tower over AJ. They are actually the same height.  I opted to make AJ Hobbes because he is the older brother of the pair.


Next, I have turned my attention to the sane demand for Robot Umpires.  ROBOT UMPS NOW PEOPLE!!!  Tired of that called strike 3 a foot off the plate? Sick of your runner called out at first on a throw with the first baseman’s foot 6 inches off the bag? Its time for robot umps people. Human error is annoying!  Provided here in two flavors, Berry Robocop (ringing up a batter on strike 3) and Coconut Daft Punk.  Pick one and support the movement!