So Brian Wilson is now a Dodger.  How many of you experienced your head exploding in rage over the deal?  For me, when the news broke, I wasn’t bothered at all.  In terms of baseball moves, this isn’t all that bad of a deal. It’s low risk with potential high upside.   If Wilson can return to near his former self, he is an effective back end arm that costs only cash (and really not all that much of it) instead of prospects.  Can you imagine the alternative of dealing Joc or ZLee for the privilege of paying Papbelbon?  Yuck.  What’s that you say? He’s cooked and sucks? If so then you just cut bait and move on, having lost out only on some cash.  And no, he isn’t displacing Kenley as closer. He could provide a decent set up man and potentially a spot closer to keep Kenley’s arm from getting worn out with all these close games we have been having.

In terms of being a Dodger fan, this is great.  If Wilson produces for us, it will be an extremely bitter taste in the mouths of every giants fan out there that loved his antics for all those years.  I already know of a few folk whose heads are spinning at the thought of their beloved former closer being used against them.  Get ready Brian. You are about to experience the other side of the rivalry. Hope you like venom and hate getting spat at you by the people that used to love you.

Now, all that said, something must be done about the beard.  That thing has got to go.  Here I provide some friendly alternatives for Brian in the facial hair department.

Old Timey Facial Hair:

As I am sure you are well aware, I am a big fan of old timey facial hair. So why not consider cropping that bad boy into something more refined?

 The Handle Bar
 The Handlebar: Stay classy bro!
 The Mutton Chops
 Mutton Chops: Harumph! Make like an old school Wall street fat cat with these fancy whiskers.
 Old timey bartender
 Old Timey Bartender: Look right at home in a saloon slinging suds on your off-days
 The Horseshoe
 The Horseshoe: Weekend biker time?
 The V
 The Guy Fawkes: Get down with your inner anarchist
 The Abe
 The Abe:  Get ready to save a great nation…..or just save a victory.

A more modern look:

Old timey not your style? Then consider these fine alternatives:

 The full goatee
 The Goatee: Tone down that beard with a more refined look
 The Goatee
 The Beatnik:  Hold the lead, get some Scoobie snacks.
 The Gaudin
 The Gaudin:  Nothing like irritating your new rivals by mocking one of their starting 5.
 The Pencil
 The Pencil: Because why the hell not?

On the zany side:

Still not impressed? Want something a little more whacky?  Got you covered.

 The Fu Manchu
 The Fu Manchu: Let the evil genius flow
 The Monkey Tail
 The Monkey tail: May the rally monkey be with you always
 The LA
 The LA: You are gonna have a heck of a time winning over Dodger fans after all those years in SF. Just go all out and carve that sweet, sweet logo into your beard.
 The Casey Blake
 The Casey Blake: Last but not least, so long as you are trying to repair bridges and heal old wounds, consider adopting Casey Blakes smiling visage.
Clean face2
The Clean Slate: Or you could just opt for a clean slate and shave the whole thing off.

So how about it Dodger fans? We all want that beard gone.  What form should it take? Lemme hear from you in the comments or on twitter.