My God. Its finally done.  Yes, we clinched the NL West with a 10.5 game lead, but none of it felt easy.  After last nights Ump Show, I was quietly hoping Ricky would be the good Ricky we all got used to and not craptacular Ricky from his last start. For the first 2 innings I thought the former was back as Ricky was cruising along. Then Hanley came in and KABOOM’d with his 3 run jack and I thought we were sitting pretty.  This is about the time I had to go through security at John Wayne on my way back to SF.  By the time I got through it, I checked my phone to see that Ricky shat the bed in the 3rd giving up 6 runs (side note, if Magic tweeted obvious things like that I would find his tweets much more entertaining).  Sadface.  Aggravating to say the least.

But worry not true believers. Ricky settled down and gutted out the next two innings. Brandon League managed not to be Brandon League for a change. Then suddenly BOOM, Uribear lead off double. ooooh….urge to hope rising……… SVS, *GASP*, didn’t bunt but ALSO DOUBLED! 6-4…….AJ singled?? ok. ok. So far so good. No outs, no outs. And then Michael Young, with all the grit of a sand dune hits a sac fly. 6-5! 1 out! HOORAY!  Then Puig and Jerry pooped out. Awww. But it was 6-5!!! The stage was set for Hanley’s dinger to make it 6-6 just as I was boarding the plane. And as fate would have it, Southwest had a promotion where you can watch broadcast tv on your ipad. And wouldn’t you know it, there is mlbtv and of course, its the Dodgers Dbacks game. Yaaaay! It booted up just in time for me to see AJ’s dinger! I think I was the only Dodger fan (aside from the wife) on board, damn near punching the guy in front in excitement.  Wilson did his thing, looking pretty sharp. And then Kenley, wonderful bad ass Kenley, shut the door on Arizona and it felt as if a slowly bleeding wound had finally healed.  From last place to division champs.  What a crazy ride……and its not over yet.  Big things are in store for this team.  I have hope.  The playoffs are a total crap shoot, sure, but I have hope.  Time to rest up, get ready, and storm into the post season.  Lets get that ring!

Lookin good boys!

Photo from Jon SooHoo