So Blogger Night at Dodger stadium ended up being a blast.  Well worth the 7 hour drive down south from SF.  We had Clayton on the mound, it was a beautiful evening in Los Angeles, and the Dodgers hooked us up with a suite for all your friendly neighborhood bloggers.  Good times.  My first time in the club suites and wowwwwww the other half has got it nice.


The suite itself was great  and the Dodger dogs were grilled and plentiful.  Forgive the crappy pics my phone took.


Both Ned and Stan came in to chat for a bit and took questions.  For the most part, they didn’t really reveal all that much that isn’t already in the media or what you would expect. But here are some tidbits.

Ned Stan

From Stan:

  •  I asked about what’s going on with the development of SNLA.  Stan said its coming along. As you would expect, things are somewhat quiet on that front given the more interesting post season occupying everyone’s mind.  Not to mention its the end of the Fox Dodgers relationship.  We should know more where things stand with the new network by January 1st.
  • On renovations, Stan said that there are more plans in the works in the off season for more Dodger stadium development.  Less infrastructure improvements as the bulk of that was accomplished this offseason.  Among the changes they are considering are some bar areas for fans to hang out at during games in addition to more  fan hang outs.  They are also looking to renovate the visitor’s clubhouse, so hooray for our opponents.
  • On WIFI, yeah. Still pretty awful cell signal at DS and the WIFI is iffy at best.  Stan is not a happy camper with that at all.  He said they hope to roll out a stadium WIFI system for the playoffs on a trial basis and expect it to be up and running by next season.

From Ned:

  • Ned got a bunch of questions about the status of some of our impending free agents, specifically Brian Wilson.  He basically dodged the question by saying that right now its all about the post season and that contract discussions can wait.  He is right of course.  I didn’t expect a real answer but damn is he good and answering without actually answering.
  • On which is better for the playoffs, a long man or a hitter: Ned said he feels that the value of a long man outta the pen is really underrated.  He cited what Zito did for the giants last season as an example of the value of an effective long reliever.  I wonder if he will find a way to squeak in a Volquez or just go with Cappy.
  • On Masahiro Tanaka: Ned gave some bland answers about Tanaka, saying what he has done this year is amazing and that he may be the best pitcher to come out of Asia in a while. Meh, I dunno about that but certainly he looks good.  Ned indicated that they are interested, but wouldn’t say how significant the interest is.  I can’t imagine we wouldn’t make a bid for Tanaka. I really would love it if we could get him and put him in the same super rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, and Ryu.  Tasty
  • Ned’s chat went into the start of the game and it was difficult to pay attention with Kershaw mowing through the Rockies and the offense actually giving him some run support.  I hope he can forgive us for periodically turning away from him to look out at the game.

view from club

 The rest of the night was good times. I got to meet several Dodger bloggers and had some great discussions about actual Dodger baseball, something I rarely ever get to do outside of the digital realm. As you can imagine, there aren’t that many fans friendly to the Dodgers up north.  It was surreal to put faces to the names.  Among the blogs that were represented were Vin Scully is my Homeboy, Lasorda’s Lair, West Coast Bias, Sons of Steve Garvey, True Blue LA, Dodger Diamond (who didn’t even say hi! Im so bummed), Dodgers Nation, and New Grass on the Field. Other highlights include meeting the brains behind @Dodgers twitter account, Josh Tucker.  Dude does an outstanding job maintaining that account in what has to be the best team twitter account out there.

All in all it was a great night.  Dodgers stomped on the Rockies. Clayton looked every bit the team ace.  The Dodger dogs were grilled and tasty and the company excellent.  I had a great time.  Thanks to the Dodgers for organizing the night and inviting me.  Special thanks to Stan Kasten, Ned Colletti, Garrett Thomas, Jon Chapper, Josh Tucker and Yvonne Carrasco for what was a fantastic night at Dodger Stadium.  I hope to be there for the next one.

DS over look


The trip didn’t end with Blogger Night for me as I managed to take in game 2 of the series.  Greinke was solid as always, but other than that, the game wasn’t much to write home about.  Highlight of the evening was getting to watch Dodger Talk live while I waited out the traffic.  I was asked to provide a question but got preempted by someone else who was supposedly going to ask the same question.  Her question ended up being rather silly, asking who would start game one of the playoffs.  Never did get my question asked and the world is darker for that fact.

Dodger Talk

And on the subject of team chemistry, here is a video I took of Ryu and the Uribear having a strange bonding experience at AT&T park.  This stuff went on for a good 30 minutes and eventually sucked in JP Howell and Kenley Jansen.  I have no idea how they were communicating as Ryu speaks no English or Spanish.  But it was hilarious to see.