Spring training is just around the corner. It feels like it was yesterday that an extremely fun season ended and we were all slowly accepting the end of a decent, if disappointing, post-season run.  At the time, I was ready for a break. I always am when the season comes to a close. But a rather dry (if correctly run) offseason has me desperate for some baseball.  Pitchers and catchers are all set to report to Camelback in a little under two weeks. That is ridiculously close.

So to commemorate the fast approaching 2014 Spring Training season, I decided to dust off an old sketch of the popular Kershaw and Ellis design I have been sitting on for a year.  When I originally drew Kershaw and Ellis, I came up with two concepts. The one that got produced was of Clayton and AJ running around like Calvin and Hobbes.  The other was the two of them blazing down a hill in a golf cart like they use at ST.  Golfcart

I never got around to fleshing that out into illustrator and figured it would make the perfect spring training design.  So here it is, in full color glory.

STKE copyI am making these designs available as shirts at my store with and without the bottom tag line.  They are available here




Get em while you can. I dont see any reason for the MLB to bother me about these designs but you never know. If you want them in a different size (ie tall) or other shirt style, lemme know on twitter @EephusBlue.

I will hopefully be able to make it over to Arizona to hang around for ST this year. It all depends on finances etc blah blah blah.  I’d love it if AJ or Clayton got to see this design.