Apparently Dee Gordon has bulked up some in this offseason.  According to Dylan Hernandez:


I guess this is good news.  Given that he is likely to make the roster as a utility player, it’d be nice if when he hit the ball in the air, it went beyond the infield.  So far, Dee hasn’t looked like a total disaster at second base.  Over a stretch of 20 games last season with the Topes, Dee had one errah fielding at second base in 99 chances which is infinitely better than what I would expect  (99 errors in 99 chances based on a complex algorithm extrapolating from his fielding as a short stop. Its very sciencey and legit).  Also he did not make an error fielding at second during his stint with the Mayaguez Indios over the winter in Puerto Rico. And no, I am not saying this is definitive proof that Dee is a gold glove second baseman.  Just saying that it is not a total loss and there is some room for hope that he could be valuable this season.

Personally, I have always liked Dee.  When he is on base, it is a joy to watch him run.  Too bad its the first part of that sentence that is the problem.  I also like that Dee is finally open to changing positions to increase his value suggesting that he has seen the writing on the wall regarding his shrinking chance to make it at the big league level.  I hope this also signals an openness on his part to improve his batting (I have heard that in the past he was viewed as uncoachable FWIW).  

Also, depending on if you think Alex (its Alex now folks! Not Alexander or even Alejandro.) Guerrero is ready or not, there is a good possibility Dee Gordon could be your starting second baseman on Opening Day, so best start rooting for him to succeed because the alternative could be Chone Figgins. :/  

BuffDee BSOHLDee Gordon takes off his shirt to show off at Fan Fest. Best Shape of His Life