Ugggggggggh.  What an awful victory.  I wish I could write about how amazing Dee Gordon was tonight or how Yasiel Puig crushed a ball that ended up in Cuba.  But no. Instead the story is the bullpen and their meltdown.  Staked a 4 run lead, Brian Wilson entered the game and proceeded to throw up over everything. The mound, the umps, his teammates.  Dear old Brian ended up giving up 3 runs before being yanked in favor of JP Howell who got the third out.  Not to say the rest of the bullpen was sharp. Far from it. Withrow had some adventures in the 8th, loading the bases before getting out of the inning unscathed only to have Perez blow the lead in the 9th (yaaay pitchers with closing experience!).  Enter Brandon League who really stepped up to keep the Marlins from scoring in the 10th.  Then Carl Crawford stepped in to save the day with a 2 run pinch hit home run. Miracles of miracles. Even better, League managed to close the game and get the win in the bottom of the 11th, giving Kenley Jansen and extra day of rest.  Any win you can walk away from. Seriously tho, the bullpen really needs to get it’s act together. This is just awful.

Anyhoo, for the second night in a row, Carl Crawford is featured in my recap cartoon.  Thanks Carl. I would love it if you could be productive like this more consistently.  To be fair, Wilson doesn’t deserve all the blame as he still held on to a slim 1 run lead.  But it just made for a funnier cartoon.

Carl Crawford helps teammate Brian Wilson clean up his mess.