Well didn’t that suck.  Not much to talk about here.  Zack started off on a down note, giving up a 2 run homer in the first  and then everything went down hill from there.  That awesome east coast weather showed up and brought Noah’s Ark levels of rain, which the umps insisted on playing through for 3.5 innings.  Mercifully, the game was postponed. But rather than just call the game (which I really wanted) they just delayed it for several hours, meaning both starting pitchers were yanked and what was supposed to be a pitcher’s duel devolved into a battle of bullpens.

Given how……..iffy our pen has been, it looked pretty doom and gloom from there on.  However, certain members of the pen did step up to soak up the remaining innings.   Brandon League pitched well and got two scoreless innings, though the second inning was scary/thrilling with an almost triple play.  Withrow brought another scoreless inning. And then poor Brian Wilson, who does not look good at all.  Looking at the box score you might feel hopeful, seeing that he got all three outs via strikeout.  However he managed to load the bases via two hits and a walk while doing it.  Ugly ugly ugly.  Something has to be done about him.  I haz da worries.

On the offensive side……well, there was no offense.  The bats were very cold tonight, although there were some bright spots.  Carl actually netted himself three hits tonight in the 2-hole. Hooray!   Matty had himself a single and a double. Hooray! So there are some positives mixed in there with those negatives. This team just hasn’t yet started firing on all cylinders.  Once that happens, then it will be something to see……..if it happens.


Anyhoo here is the recap cartoon for the game.  Poor Zack Greinke.  Mother nature robbed him of his chance to continue his streak of 5+IP allowing 2 or fewer runs.  That’s baseball, even tho it was a lame way to break the streak.

Zack pleads with his teammates, left out in the rain.