What a great game that was.  Clayton Kershaw returned to the Dodgers after what felt like an eternity and it was like he never left.  Clayton went seven strong innings while striking out nine Nationals in humiliating fashion.  Were this not his first start back, he very well could have gone out for the 8th given how low his pitch count was at that point.  Everything seemed to be clicking for the team. Solid starting pitching and offense. That’s right. Sweet, beautiful offense.  The bats decided to show up in big fashion.  A big highlight was a solo shot by Hanley Ramirez to make it 5-0 in favor of the Dodgers. That was nice.  But even better was a three run jack by none other than Drew Butera who channeled his inner Piazza in the eighth.

Happy happy joy joy right? Right! That is all that happened.  Yup. That’s all. I could tell you about how Chris Perez came into the game in the 8th, up 8 runs and proceeded to lose all command, loading the bases twice and yielding three runs, but why rain on the parade?  Focus on the positives. Bats starting to heat up.  Clayton is back. And Kenley pitched a perfect 9th on 11 pitches. WOOHOO! Positives all around.  Just don’t look over to that Perez shaped blemish.  Its kinda gross.

And since I am all about continuity, here is the recap comic.


Clayton is pleased with his teammates and the fine run support. Zack needs a towel.