Yuck.  That was awful. Worse than that, this game was boring. Worse than that it was against the Giants. Yuck.

Josh Beckett  took the mound on Thursday and actually pitched fairly decently after a shaky first inning and went 6 2/3 innings of 1 run baseball before being relieved by Chris Withrow. Too bad that 7th inning had to happen, where Beckett gave up a solo shot to tie the game up at 1 a piece.  Oh wells.  The good news is the bullpen was solid from there on out, with Withrow pitching the 8th and Kenley pitching a perfect 9th inning (Hooray! Kenley may be over his cold!).  The bad news is the offense was cold, failing to score anyone in the 9th and thus forcing us into yet another extra inning game.

On the offense, wow were they terrible, managing only one run…..against Ryan Vogelsong.  Throughout the game they scattered some very terrible at bats, the most frustrating of which (for me anyway) came from Hanley.  His approach lately just looks awful.  So many first pitch outs. Bleeaaaaaaah.  Funny enough, Yasiel Puig had what looked to be the best at bats last night.  He seems to be laying off crap pitches and is showing improved patience at the plate.  Uh oh. Somebody learned how to walk.  If so, its going to be fun seeing what he can do.

And poor Jamey Wright.  Jamey came in the 10th in a tied game and got a quick first out.  It looked to be a routine inning when Jamey realized it was his day to lose all command of the strike zone.  Then the walks came. Painful free passes given out like candy at Halloween.  Three walks issued to load the bases before Hector Sanchez hit a sac fly to give the giants the lead.  Hector fucking Sanchez. Really?!?  Belt would single in another run before Pablo thankfully ended the inning with a ground out.  The rest didn’t matter as the offense went down quietly in the bottom half of the frame. Oh well.

This is a plot that we have seen all too much this season.  The offense really needs to get it together. I’m not exactly panicked…….yet.  There is too much talent on this team for them not to pull out of this funk.  But clearly something is not working.  They just never seem to be able to string together hits at the same time.  I’m not sure what can be done to fix things.  I would like to see Puig get more at bats at the top of the order. I’d like to see Dee Gordon bat 8th and Kemp perhaps get more at bats near the top.  I’d like to see Hanley dropped in the order until he gets out of whatever funk he is in.  Maybe his hand still hurts? If so, rest him for God’s sake.

Oh and Uribe hurt his hamstring because of course he did.  Its going to be a lot of fun to have Justin Turner and Chone Figgins starting at 3B while Uribe takes up a roster spot injured.  MOAR STRETCHING AND WATER.


Jamey hands out free passes out of the goodness of his heart.