Well this was a pretty crappy game.  Not going to go into too much detail as there isn’t much to talk about.  The Dodgers were awful with the bats.  Like the night before all they muster was a single run off Madison “MadBum” Bumgarner.  Eh, the guy is a good pitcher.  That single run came from a solo home run by Yasiel Puig in the sixth inning that resulted in a little chat down the third base line between Bumgarner and Puig. Apparently Bumgarner was rather upset with the bat flip that Yasiel did after hitting the dinger and his slow trot around the bases. Meh. Big deal. The bat flip wasn’t even all that much of a bat flip.  Madison needs to grow some thicker skin.  Living up to his nickname of Madbum (ugh that is just awful and lame) or as I like to now call him, Crazy Hobo (much better), he began barking at Yasiel and blah blah blah calm down Crazy.

Not much else happened other than Brandon League being Brandon League.  In a hilarious (for me) moment in the top of the seventh, League gave up three consecutive singles to load the bases. Old Brandon shows his face.  However, new, effective Brandon appeared and got a tapper back that he turned for a double play, preventing the run from scoring.  He then got the next out with little sweat.  Hilarious because so many people were irate that League didn’t come in the night before when Wright loaded the bases.  I laughed at that notion at the time, but hey, he got out of a bases loaded jam.  Hooray effective Brandon!

Oh and Maholm is bad.  Terrible. Awful.  The results tonight don’t really show it but his peripheral stats are ugly.  He has been getting by largely by luck but will soon come crashing down.  The guy only had three swinging strikes in 100+ pitches.  No bueno.  Hurry back Ryu.

Anyhoo here is the recap comic from last night.  Poor Crazy Hobo. So angry in spite of actually winning the game.  You’d think he would be happier.

Mad Bum Crazy Hobo is upset that Yasiel doesn’t respect the game.