Great big swaths of suck.  That game was frustrating and the series was depressing.  I don’t really want to talk about it.  😡 But let’s not dwell on the negatives or worry too much about Kenley.  Let’s focus on the positives! Yay positives!  Yasiel hit another dinger. Hooray batflip!  And Hanley finally seems to be coming out of his funk.  Some of the at bats I was able to catch looked a lot better and that clutch 2 run dinger. Soooo good. So maybe things are going to turn around? Yes?  I hope so.  It’s too early to panic. There is still time. Uh, lots of baseball left.  Things can…..turn around…..quickly?   Yup. Stay positive.  Sigh.

#ITDB I’m tired of Dodger Baseball 😦

Certainly the way things have been going lately. Dodgers try for the split and get nothing but gutter instead.