Ultra short recap.

The good: Yasiel came through with a three run home run to give the Dodgers the lead and come back from behind.  Hooray!

The bad: Dan Haren gave up 3 runs very early on. Yuck.  But he did manage to stifle the Marlins after that.

The ugly: YEESH! Was it ever ugly.  Brian Wilson came in relief in the 8th and nearly gave the lead back, serving up a 2 run home run to Reed Johnson. The same Reed Johnson known for mashing lefties but being useless against righties. Last I checked Wilson was a……..righty? Uh oh.  Wilson ended up only recording two outs before Donnie yanked him in favor of JP Howell.  Sigh.

Anyhoo, focus on the positives! Puig is great and he is a Dodger. Hooray!

RELAX! I got dis!