Wow. I had forgotten what big innings felt like.  This game looked like it was going to be another frustrating one, with the Dodgers failing to do very much against Marlins pitcher Jacob Turner, who they touched for 6 runs a week ago in Florida.  Seriously. It was like grating my eyeballs over a cheese grater coated with capsaicin and lemon juice. Up until through the 5th inning, Turner had barely thrown more than 50 pitches. Yuck. Hardly working the count.  HOWEVER, things changed significantly once the bottom of the 6th rolled around.  After Beckett feebly flew out to start things off, Dee hit a Dee Gordon Double, by which I mean he hit a single for everyone else but for Dee it was a double (#SpeedKillsFamily).  Next Yasiel drew another walk. Getting on base…AGAIN! Yawn.  I allowed myself the brief moment of hope in the inning, but having been burned too much in recent history, it was small.  Then instead of feebly grounding into another double play, Hanley smoked a 2 run double.  Not to be outdone, AGonz smacked a double of his own. Then Matty singled. Then Crawford singled. And YOU get a single, and YOU get a single.  All told, the Dodgers exploded for 5 runs in that inning.  They would go on to score two more runs to bring the grand total to a wonderful 7 runs.  Yaaaaay! Run support!!! So long Turner!!

Not to be lost in this offensive outburst was another outstanding outing by Josh Beckett.  Josh seems to be hitting his stride now as he went 6.1 strong innings before being relieved by Chris Perez in the 7th.  It wasn’t all roses but to his credit he did manage to work his way out of some iffy situations without allowing the run to score.  Ice cold Josh.  Well done.  All told only a single measly run came in for the Marlins.  Nicely done Beckett.  Finally, Josh was credited with a win, his first since 1943 I believe. Okay no, first since Sept. 30, 2012. But it sure feels like it was longer.

It should be noted that yet again, Chone Figgins managed to get on base, this time via hit by pitch.  He has the weirdest triple slash line ever.  But whatevs. At least he is contributing.  Chone did manage to steal second and score on a Puig double in the 8th.  So YAAAY PASSION!!!

All told, it was a good game.  Nice and calm. No real stress.    After Perez, Brandon League came in relief for the 8th and retired all three batters on 10 pitches.  What world are we on?  What is life?  Brandon League is now effective and Brian Wilson is now a dumpster fire.  I don’t know what is real anymore.  With that nice fat lead in the 9th, Jamey Wright came in instead of Kenley and closed the game on 30 pitches.  It felt like 28 of those pitches were in that Ozuna at bat alone.

Yasiel had himself quite a bobblehead night.  Puig went 2 for 3 with am RBI double and a run scored.  On top of that, he got to have his mom throw out the first pitch.  What a great night.  I fucking love winning!

I don’t know whats going on but its wonderful

For this recap image, I imagined what the next Puig bobblehead should look like.  Decided it needed a bat flip and a security walkie talkie for added comedic value.  First time trying color in my images. Not sure how I feel about it yet.  Seems like you lose something.


New Yasiel Puig bobblehead proposal, complete with bat flip and security walkie talkie!