It’s an off day. Have another comic!

Good lord! What to do with Brian Wilson?  He claims he is healthy.  Stan Conte backs up this claim. But 85mph fastballs? Really?  That bums me out. A lot!

I’m not sure I buy Donnie’s explanation either. From Bill Plunkett:

“He really needs that adrenaline and these games aren’t good for him. But you can’t help it. … He’s a high-adrenaline guy and when he doesn’t have it, it (the ball) doesn’t seem like it comes out the same.” 

Really? The explanation for the drop in velocity is…….he needs adrenaline to throw harder?  Does he also need adrenaline to throw better?  Control seems to be a big problem with dear friend Brian.  Sigh. I don’t know what the answer is. So here. Have a comic and try to laugh it off.

It’s cool guys. Brian is okay. Stan Conte checked him out so you know it’s legit!