Yikes! That was all kinds of bad.  Paul Maholm decided to let his peripherals catch up to him and boy, did they ever!  After a quiet first inning, the wheels came spinning off in a big way.  In the second inning, after a trio of singles loaded the bases and Dee  made an error that kept the inning of pain going.  Maholm then proceeded to implode as he failed to fool anyone.  Sac fly, homer, double, single…….all told the damage in that inning was for 6 runs, only one of which was earned thanks to Dee’s error.  But make no mistake, that was all Maholm.  He can try and hide behind the error and Donnie can try and spin it that way but Paul was just plain gross.  At that point, it looked like the game was well out of reach, with the boys unable to do much with rookie pitcher DeSclafani.  I said that they should just throw Maholm back out there to soak up some innings at this point and that is exactly what Donnie did.  

Maholm did manage to have an uneventful 3rd inning before the 4th.  My God the 4th inning.  I didn’t think it was possible for the wheels to come flying off AGAIN, but fly off they did.  Things quickly spun out of control and another 6 runs would come in, taking this game from depressing loss to comedic outing.  This game was so far out of reach at this point, that all you had left to hope for was possibly seeing a position player pitch and we would not be disappointed. However before the fun bits, you have to eat your vegetables…..your hairy bearded yucky vegetables that you once thought were good but are now certain are slowly killing you.  Brian Wilson came into this laugher with an opportunity to work out the kinks in his stuff in a lost game.  Great.  Except it wasn’t.  His 2 seam fastball sat at the mid to upper 80s. Insert #NotAScout hashtag here. He looked terrible and it appeared at times that he was shaking his pitching hand after each throw.  Maybe he is hurt?  Both he and Stan Conte insist he is not and you know me, I always trust Stan Conte’s judgement.  But something is clearly wrong, as his velocity is way down, the lowest it has been this season.    No beuno Brian.  I have some hope that maybe he will finally admit that he is ailing and will take the first steps towards fixing things. I want him to be effective.

If Wilson does go on the DL, it brings up the question of who replaces him? Sure, the first thing out of your mouth is “Duh! Free Paco!” Yeah, sure. That’s great. Except Paco has been struggling something fierce down in ABQ. I don’t think he is in a position to help matters at the big league level. Jose Dominguez then. He seems to be having issues even worse than Paco. @topeswriter Chris Jackson suggests that Yimi Garcia might be the next viable reliever to be called upon and maybe even Colt Hynes?  Small bits of hope.

But enough depressing poop. Now for fun. This laugher did allow us to see the great Drew Butera take the mound in the 9th. And you know what? He was surprisingly effective. Drew threw fastballs in the mid to upper 80s range and even managed to touch 94  which is pretty damn impressive. He worked a perfect 9th and struck out Marcel Ozuna to finish the inning. Well done Drew! My favorite part was the crowd that stayed loudly cheering him on with every pitch. His time on the mound was a nice positive sliver in an otherwise forgettable night.

Anyhow, now on to the recap comics. I had a bunch of ideas tonight and couldn’t whittle them down to just one so I made a couple. Enjoy.  First comic is jumping the gun a bit, but I thought it funny.  The second is specifically for  who requested Wilson be the plank.  


Perhaps a Maholm DFA is coming soon. Once can hope.

Several followers requested Maholm walk the plank. One added the plank should be Wilson. Here we are.