Yuck. That was horrible.  I am sort of glad I couldn’t watch the game as I was driving along the north coast of Oahu.  I monitored it on my phone via at bat and could not believe that second inning.  Based on the reports from those of you who could watch, it sounded like Kershaw was relying too heavily on his curveball.  Apparently he couldn’t locate his fastball and they just sat on the curve the whole time.  On at bat, I just kept seeing so and so triples. Then so and so triples. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  I love Clayton, so his starts hurt an extra bit when he gets the loss.  Even more so when he really just shat the bed.  It was Maholm-esque in its awfulness.  I just hope he is okay and its not because of another injury.

The boys did rally back for 7 runs though.  So there is that.  Too bad the bullpen continued to suck, and ended up giving up even more runs than Clayton.  Bad all around.  I never know what to expect from games anymore beyond expecting the bullpen to blow it.  Oh and Puig hit another dinger. Yawn. Just another day.  He is now tied for team lead with Gonzalez at 9 HRs.  That is pretty crazy how quickly that total ascended.  Anyhoo, wash it off.  SF lost yesterday so its like it never happened.  Yay.

Here is the recap cartoon.  Hope it makes you laugh.

Clayton sure made a mess of things yesterday