Well how about that?  How many of you pegged Josh Beckett as the first Dodger pitcher to throw a no hitter since Nomo did it way back when?  Not me.  I totally had my money on Paul Maholm.  But Beckett again provided a solid performance and baffled the Phillies yesterday while only issuing three walks.  It looks like this resurgence is due largely in part to a heavier use of his curve ball.  The decision to make that adjustment is chronicled in a great article by Pedro Moura here.  Give it a read when you get the chance as its interesting stuff and again proves how awesome AJ Ellis is.

The bats also decided to show up to back Beckett’s no hitter, taking it to the Phillies to the tune of 6 runs over 11 hits.  And miracle of miracles! No errors.  That’s a nice change of pace.  In fact even Erisbel Arruebarrena managed to collect two hits while providing some stellar defense at short.  I haz the happies.  If only he could hit enough to continue at SS and shift Hanley over to third.  Eh. Maybe eventually.  I commented on twitter how that no hitter probably does not happen with Hanley at SS.  Somehow, the ball would have gotten through and be scored a hit.  Also hey lets be happy that the bullpen didn’t give up any hits or runs yesterday!!!! woooooooo!

On his off days when he isn’t throwing no hitters, Josh likes to take his T-Rex out for a spin and collect lightning with his sword.  True story.

Epic Josh is epic.